Cole's Wonderful World

Of Not Knowing How To Website

About Me

My name is Cole Plott and I am a Science, Technology, and Soceity major at NC State University.
My interests in rhetoric in design at this time are basically just to efficiently portray the idea that I have in my head.

Career Aspirations

I have not entirely decided what exactly I want to do as a career. I do know that I would like to center my career around
the marine world, specifically sportfishing. I entertain the idea of pursuing the marketing world of sportfishing, or traveling the world
working on a boat in this industry. These are ideas that I entertain as I have worked in both of these options throughout my career so far.
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My Hobbies

Here are a few photos from my fishing adventures.

To find out more about offshore fishing visit Marlin Magazine or try the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament